Jackson Hole, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks

Below are pictures taken while spending a week near the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, Wyoming. We were mostly near the Grand Tetons, but managed to get a short visit to Yellowstone.

(s = 35mm, m=6x7 Medium Format, l= 4x5 Large Format, d=digital)

Sunset near Jackson. (d)



Jackson Hole sunset. (d)



While rafting the Snake River, we floated under a Bald Eagle. (d)


A slightly soft picture taken handheld at dusk. (d)


We hiked up 3,000 feet to Amphitheater Lake. A fast moving river flows under this snow bank to feed lower Surprise Lake. It was refreshing to see snow in July.



Following a storm near Jackson, a rainbow appears with the day's last light. (d)



We spotted this moose, as chance would have it, in the town of Moose, Wyoming. (d)



A bull Moose, also spotted in Moose, Wyoming. (d)



Geyser activity in Yellowstone. Many of these pools are heated near 190 degrees, and account for more human fatalities (mostly mis-steps causing severe burns) in the park then Grizzly Bear maulings (which also happen). (d)



Geyser in Yellowstone. (d)



The geysers reflect colors of bacterial organisms. (d)



Tourists enjoy a geyser erruption. (d)



Yellowstone's "Grand Canyon". (d)



Tourists can be seen next to the falls as tiny figures on the upper right. (d)



Wildlife is abundantly seen in Yellowstone National Park. (d)



A 'Bison Jam', taken in Yellowston's quiet Lamar Valley. (d)



Taken on our way to beautiful Lamar Valley hoping to see re-introduced Grey Wolves, but they remained elusive. (d)



Jackson rodeo. (d)



Dusk on the Grand Tetons. (d)


Fog rises below the Grand Tetons. (d)


Photographers enjoying early morning light. (d)


The Grand Tetons. (d)


Taggart Lake. (d)


A lone tree. (d)


Fishing solitude in beautiful Grand Teton National Park. (d)


© 2007 John Miranda