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We spent almost a week visiting Portugal, staying near Lisbon and surrounding areas, including Ericeira, Obidos, and Sintra. Below are a few images from this June 2008 visit.


Lisbon City Center.



Lisbon City Center.



Electric trolley, Lisbon.



Vasco de Gama's tomb, an early explorer that pioneered sailing from Europe to India.
Taken at Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisbon



Mosteiro dos Jerónimos.



An old canon once used to protect Ericeira, Portugal.



Sunset in Ericeira, a small fishing community 45 minutes North of Lisbon.



Pena Palace, Sintra. Initiated as a small site in 1493, but fully built around 1838 by King Ferdinand II



Castle of the Moors, built possibly between the 9th and 10th centuries.



Obidos, a small and picturesque town an hour North of Lisbon.






Fishing boats in Ericeira



Our hotel in Ericeira.




Capuchos Convent, built in 1560 in the Sintra Hills.



Capuchos Convent.



Capuchos Convent.



Capuchos Convent.



Capuchos Convent.




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