Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hiking

Below are pictures taken while hiking from the South Rim to the North Rim (and back) over various years along
with overnight camping trips. For more about rim to rim hikes, read my journal page.

(s = 35mm, m=6x7 Medium Format, l= 4x5 Large Format, d=digital).


Sunrise lights the inner canyon on the Kaibab Trail. (d)



Overlook from South Kaibab Trail. (d)



Last rays of day light the Canyon's Inner Gorge. (d)


Hiker, South Kaibab. (d)



Ridge on South Kaibab. (d)



The Kaibab trail leading to tip-off point, which then takes us sharply down to the Colorado River. (d)



Late afternoon on the Colorado.
This picture was taken on a different trip while camping below the rim. (d)



South Kaibab Trail can be seen in the distance. (d)



Switchbacks leading down. (d)



Overlook above the Colorado River. (s)



Hikers on the South Kaibab Trail. (d)



A mule train crosses the Black Bridge over the Colorado River. (d)



Silver Bridge leading toBright Angel Trail. (d)



Spring near the bottom of Bright Angel Trail. (d)



Box Canyon, as we traverse to the North Rim. (s)



Sunset as seen from the North Rim. (l)



Storms in the distance. (d)



© 2009 John Miranda