Sydney, Australia

In January 2004 we visited Sydney, Australia. Sydney is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Our visit co-incided with several summer festivals and activities, including a night light show from the Harbour Bridge synchronized to music near the famous Opera House. For most of us, Sydney is a long ways from home, but well worth the journey. Beyond Sydney's beauty, unmatched Aussie friendliness makes the visit that much more enjoyable.

(s = 35mm, m=6x7 Medium Format, l=4x5 Large Format, d=digital)


Busy Circular Quay in downtown Sydney. To the left a cruise ship can be seen.
Ferries are a viable and reliable source of mass transit. The harbor typically has
one or more boats coming or going at any given time. (s)



A ferry carries commuters from suburban neighborhoods to cental Sydney. (d)



Pictures of downtown Sydney taken next to the Opera House. Across the bay, a light show from Harbour Bridge
began each evening, accompanied by synchronized music. (s)



I used a tripod and Fuji Velia film to capture this series (s)



A closer shot of Harbour Bridge. Exposure times were about 1 second. (s)



Harbour Bridge. A ferry can be seen below, fuzzy due to the slow shutter speed. (s)



Visitors climbing the Harbour Bridge. (s)



The famous Sydney Opera House. During our visit,
an average of 4-5 shows played each evening in various separate auditoriums. (s)



An early evening view of the Opera House. (s)



A daytime close-up of the Opera House, showing its textured finish.
This shot was taken from a boat. (s)



Circle Quay in downtown Sydney on a foggy night. Various restaurants surround the Quay. (s)



And of course, Australia's Kangaroo. In this case, a tired one. (d)

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